Evolution of a Sport-Boxing


Boxing is one of the ancient contact sports to be ever known by man although not the same way modern people know it due to the evolution it has undergone. The practice did not exist as a form of sports during prehistory times but was later on included in the Olympic games after people, especially leaders and the rich showed much interest in the game. This paper will describe how, why, where, and similarities and differences regarding materials used, playfield, set rules as well as sociocultural and political changes of the evolved boxing sport.

Where, How and Why Boxing Evolved Over Time

In the ancient times, especially in Rome and Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia, boxing was a mortal combat event where the where the fighters would often battle it to death. Leaders would and the community at large would gather on barges and islands and boxing clubs then cheer on as the fighters, mostly slaves, battled it out (Walker 145). Whoever won would be granted freedom while the loser would be executed on the spot. However, over the years, especially in Rome, the brutality, disfigurement, and deaths involved in boxing made it be banned by the rules which did not approve of it. In the age of enlightenment, though, European started to take a keen look at the ancient sources of wisdom and knowledge and incorporate it into modern lives. The quest for knowledge led them to stumble upon the once primitive and savage boxing and make a change to it.

Similarities and Differences of The Ancient and Modern Boxing

In its earliest form, the two naked fighters battled it out in places like the shores and dungeons with nothing to cover their hands. Later on, leather straps were introduced, but would then be replaced with caestus; some metallic knife-like knuckledusters purposed to rupture and stab the opponent causing as much damage as possible. However, as a rule, less game evolved, new rules were set; the now trained fighters in a ring were not to throw kicks at each other, boxing clubs were introduced, and soft punching to protect the knuckles were introduced (Loffing, Florian, and Norbert 273). A referee was added to oversee the game, and while the ancient fighters never benefited in any way apart from the wealthy gamblers who betted on them, the modern form of boxing is professional where pugilists are paid and rewarded handsomely.

Sociocultural and Political Reasons Why the Boxing Changed

Over the years, the violent aspect of boxing was thought to have negative influence especially on young children, and also discrimination, where women were excluded unlike, is the case today (Boddy 17). Earlier on, the sport attracted the rich who would place bets on the surviving pugilists, but the modern form of boxing has drawn attention from people of all walks of life who adore the sport. The sport brings interaction and socialization among people, always coercing the society and bringing peace as people gather to enjoy the game.



Despite being started for all the wrong reasons of ending people’s lives and having no set rules. Boxing has evolved over the years hence being incorporate in the Olympic games. Initially, the pugilists fought to regain their freedom through a death compact, but the modern boxing is much of a professional career where fighters engaged in a managed fight and are rewarded afterward.

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