Football Agents. Who They’re?

The game of American Football is quite intense. Most of those that make it to this game did not make it on their own. They can be good at the game, but there is someone in their life who has managed them and made sure the direction of their career is right. Such a person acts as the legal and financial representatives of the player as a football agent. In the NFL for the best sake, the National Football League Players Association regulates the agents.

A statistic is doing rounds in the public that about 75 percent of the players in the NFL are represented by about 17 percent of NFL registered agents and agencies. Do not be surprised that the number of agents falls above 800 registered parties.

A football agent is a profession with a job, a job description, and job requirements but even before that their pass is not an easy one. A football agent has to over time develop their self into a brand that is self-marketing through preparation, timing, and separation from a large group to exist as one entity or individual.

Quite surprising about the game is that the agent keeps looking for more clients instead of negotiating for one that is available. The biggest of challenges is convincing a jumpy 20-year old that you wish to be their agent. With many promises from everywhere, many emotions and physical difficulties have to be undergone.

Being an agent keeps you close to the game of American Football because you need to identify the best before anyone does. Having the best performing on your plate means you have an advantage for negotiating bigger contracts for them, which trickles down to a good commission or pay.

What are the requirements for getting certifies by the NFL

Just like many other jobs, a minimum has to be achieved. Such are the requirements into approval as a sports agent in the National Football League, as follows:

  • The agent must be a holder of a degree
  • The agent must pass an agent’s exam, yearly, July particularly
  • They need a good understanding of Collective Bargain Agreements and the contract rules across the board.

The football agent does not just represent the player. There is a scope of what he needs to be able to handle. Such are the responsibilities of an NFL football agent, as follows:

Career management

You will notice that a single agent has represented a player in his whole football career. That means the agent handles the career development function in the life of a player. The agent could be the door to a player’s success in the game.

Transfer and contract negotiation

Football agents play the negotiation role of a player. In a footballer’s career, there is a need for contract renewals, terminations, increases, and change in contract terms. The person who knows the value of the player is the agent. With an agent, a player’s value is well paid for and welfare well handled by the team.



Financial planning

Players are good moneymakers; they need that money put in proper use which many of them cannot handle on their own. A good agent will ensure that the finances of a player are well protected. An agent ensures their client is doing well financially on advising them on the best places to handle their money.

Sponsorship, Marketing, and Public Relations

Besides just playing the game, there are ways players can make money. Players are ambassadors of their teams and with them comes the support of fans. Brands could take advantage of such support to market their products. The agent can ensure their clients get endorsements and brand ambassadorship.

The agent also plays a crucial role in the image of a player. Being an agent, they are their representation in most if not all circumstances. That way the player’s image is handled by or with the help of a public relations person and the agent. A good image could mean good money, a role the agent should be able to expend unconditionally.

Football Agents Popularity and Influence

The agents have made a name for themselves. It is said around 17 percent represent over half of the players in the NFL. Some have been in the game for a long time, and their influence has grown in large extents. Some of the well-known agents of NFL include:

  • Scott Boras
  • Tom Condon,
  • Joel Segal,
  • Jimmy Sexton
  • Drew Rosenhaus

Cumulatively, these agents control a market of contracts worth over one and a half a billion dollars. Some like Boras is not just in the NFL but also represent players from other games.  The salary is between 4 to 10 percent of a player’s contract. A quarterback at 40 million dollars earns his agent about 1.6 million dollars. A standard agent earns fourteen thousand dollars an even goes up to 4 million depending on the yield of contracts.

This article was updated on Friday, March 22, 2019