Group Rides Pros and Cons

People ride solo to the markets, to work, to the pitch for training, to the nearest stores, to the hospital. To some it is fun riding alone, others love it in groups, well is it right, yes, and is wrong, you be the judge. A group ride comes with its advantages and disadvantages.


Group rides are always safe

Over the years, people have been cycling alone, and nothing happens. This has changed, today cases of solo cycling fatalities have increased, and no one is ready to be a statistic. Riding in groups guarantees some safety. People never attack groups, unless they are really after something. In another instance, you could fall, and some people will have your back. They will pull you along with them and save your life. On the roads, motorists are always cautious of group rides than they could be with a solo ride.

Group rides give confidence

I know of people that can never go swimming alone, others cannot drive alone in a car, others cannot go over to a friend’s place alone. This is not different for a given cyclers attitude. Some cyclists cannot do it alone; the group is just enough to provide them with the confidence to pull through in case they want to ride. Even if the members of the group are not talking to them, all they need is the company and most importantly the group confidence that comes with it.

Riding in groups is fun

Riding alone could be the best option for a lone wolf. Riding in groups is good connection time. If it is not a competitions staying in fours or gives is the best time to discuss life issues, connect with each other, change attitudes and beliefs. You cannot get this when on your headphones listening to music it could be entertaining, but you won’t feel the difference like you will have felt walking riding away after a group ride.

Group rides can make you a better rider

The way you hold the handles, apply brakes, negotiate a bend is all different. Riding in groups allows you to learn from people that have been doing it for longer times than you have. They do it differently, and it has become fun, you can also do it and become a better rider than the pros are. Even so, you could become better at riding that you were when doing alone. Groups share and sharing build the capacity to do something even better.

Even though riding comes with many advantages, a group ride has its misdoings.


A group ride could be unsafe. What is so prevalent in a group rides? Crushing. Crushing into each other even when you are not aware. We could be having fun, and we end up with serious injuries. Worst scenario, a group ride on a busy or not busy highway could confuse a motorist. A motorist could be on their phone, and before they know they have bumped into a group, chances are someone will get hit; the cyclists could panic and crush each other.



A group ride can hinder progress

You have an upcoming competition. You are looking to get back to winning ways. Moving as a group would be efficient but doing it alone is more effective. If the games are just close, it is time to take the lanes apart and work on your weakness to become a better rider. 

In conclusion, riding as a group is fun, safe, and informing. What more could anyone be looking for? I would still do it in a group even when I have an upcoming competition and keep my focus on becoming better as I have fun.

This article was updated on Friday, March 22, 2019