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 Review of Paper Masters company

There was one time I needed a paper done in one week for a subject that I was rarely attending. Fortunately for me, the professor did not take attendances. However, he made up for it by asking for papers every week – really long ones, I might add.

The problem was that I had to read a whole book to write that paper and I just did not have the time. They discussed the main parts in class, which allowed the rest of the class to write their papers on time. I, however, was taking advanced classes that required more time investment and I needed a service that could write a research paper in the time I needed.

I looked up experts in research papers and it seemed that Paper Masters was the place to go. According to the reviews written by former clients, they could deliver the papers in time and with great quality at that. Little did I know that those testimonials were just the tip of the iceberg. The customer reviews on other more credible websites were more honest about what I was about to face.

PaperMasters prices

I made the mistake of not looking for coupon codes or promo codes once or twice and I was not about to do it again. Unfortunately, I found none. I wish there were more coupon codes because it would really help students like me who are on a budget. Discounts? None at all.

The prices on the site are way out of my range, but I was desperate. I needed a paper in one week, so I had to pay the rush fee. I spent about $300 on it and I thought it was worth it. Sadly, it was not. This review started on a negative note and so it shall remain.

When I received my paper, there was nothing on it about the topic I asked for. They misunderstood the instructions and gave me a rush job that could not be remedied in time. I had to beg the professor, who did not know me at all, for an extension.

Although gave me a revision, which was subpar at best, I probably will not use their service again and just go for a cheaper alternative that can actually give me a paper without an insanely huge discrepancy like that.

All in all, I would recommend PaperMasters as a last resort, but only if you are set on watching your paper carefully. That is what I didnt do. In terms of rating, I would give them a 3 over 10 because of the whole thing with the wrong paper. I almost failed my class because they failed me. If you want to try them, be my guest but I warned you.

PaperMasters review