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 Review of Smart Writing Service company

I hired SmartWritingService.com to make a business plan as part of my one of my many requirements I had to pass for my marketing class. Since I was swamped with other school work from my other classes, the best next alternative is to hire a reputable writing service like SmartWritingService. However, I read the testimonials, customer reviews, and rating written on their website, and as the name suggests, they offer smart writing service, but the output I received speaks otherwise.

First, I sent the necessary and important details that I wanted to be part of the writing service I ordered, and paid for based on their prices list. Upon receiving my order, it wasnt my expected level of quality as I wrote on the details I provided. Some details are below average and the words they used are basic, with no prolific business-related terminologies that made me send it back for further revisions.

SmartWritingService prices

According to their revision policy, they take pride in providing high quality content and have the capability to request a revision any time before the website approves my order, and that I have seven days after my order is approved. I returned my revision right away, with my efforts to contact their customer support, and sadly I did not get the proper feedback right away. I waited a little longer while having a hard time contacting their customer support.

This is why I had to take matter into my account, and had to start with my business plan, that is due only on a slimmer time frame, because they lack the level of quality I require to pass my subject. Because of this, I highly do not recommend SmartWritingService.com to students who share the same problem as I do, in terms of completing school requirements. They do not take into account the seriousness of our school grades and they only care about sales.

Furthermore, their terms and conditions are complex and are not easy to understand. For future students who wish to hire a writing service, please always read every conditions, policies, and important contracts before placing an order.

Lastly, you can only apply for Smartwritingservice discounts if you are a returning customer, which is not a desirable feature for any writing services who promises to offer so-called quality content for a reasonable price, because they do not offer discounts using coupon codes or promo code and other forms for first time users.

This review solidifies how this website is not at par with other competing and recommendable websites that offers the same writing service. I am in disgust with their work ethic and their level of quality product.

SmartWritingService review