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 Review of Write My Papers company

You know what really caught my eye when I read the websites homepage? The word jackleg is an expression so insubstantial that I had to Google it and look up what it meant. Not that I am admitting to being a jackleg, but you I see it as a red flag when browsing through writing websites.

When a writing service feels the need to increase its reputation by writing big words, not only does it show poor marketing skills, it also makes me think that someone just hit Shift + F7 on the keyboard. That makes sense because that was what I had to do when I was trying to cram three papers in one night.

Still, I took a chance and ordered a paper from their service. First off, I thought the prices were way lower than the regular charge of reputable writing services. WriteMyPapers.org started their prices at $11.99. The regular price that would get you a good quality paper would basically start around $25.

However, no matter how much my gut told me not to go for it, I still tried it. I wanted to save money, but I wanted to tread cautiously. I got the smallest amount first, just to see how well they could do with an actual paper, which I was hoping to order from them.

WriteMyPapers features

I asked for a thesis statement, which cost me around $22. Aside from the jackleg copy of their homepage, the next thing that messed me up was the tax. I did not realize how much that could add to my bill! Basically, I did not pay $22. Write My Papers offers a loyalty program, which gives out discounts for the first order.

I got the 10% discount, but it is not much of a concession considering the tax hike. I wish I looked for coupon codes or at least a promo code before I ordered, but even when I checked I did not find any that were usable.

My paper should have been done in 3 days, but the customer service team told me that I had to wait for a few more hours. That turned into days. I was so annoyed that I wrote a scathing e-mail which received no response.

I checked out other peoples customer reviews and found that most of them were leaning towards the positive. I was sad to note that WriteMyPapers looked like they were buying testimonials. Ive seen this before and I knew fake testimonials when I saw one.

I scoured deeper into the internet and found that other reviews were more honest. There was a general negative sentiment towards this site and I agree with them. Why? Because when I received my paper, not only was it not what I imagined, it was also not the proper format for the thesis statement that I requested.

That is why I felt the need to write this review. People need to know that, although this site has a stellar record online, you must double check with the customer service to see if your paper is being written exactly the way you want it. All in all, I would give them a five over ten rating. If these were stars, I would give them one as an alternative.

WriteMyPapers review