What Is the Less and the Most Important Player Position in American Football

The American football could be one of the games with the largest number of players in a team. On the maximum number of about 53 players, play in a single game. The game has three phases; you might be wondering why some of the players are less known, unlike other players. In other occasions, you might think they are of no use, but you could be wrong because each of these players has a role to play in the phases they will play. They all have positions they are good at covering. In the end, they all get the credit or a cut of their check home.

However, the player positions do not have the same intensity, not that they need to dismissal. In any game, there is always the most important player position and the least important, and in American football, the order is as followers from bottom to top:

The Long Snapper

Just below the punter is a snapper who snaps the ball from the punter. It is seen as a lesser important position because his role is less dominant. That snapping is not the major role in the game of American Football. However, it is still essential for the fact that anyone can be on target in the game.

The Punter

In the history of this game, some players have tried to make the punter position appear more fun but is it? Truth is with a good offensive pack; a team does not need the services of a punter so much. The punter ensures that the opponents stay in their area for most of the game, but does it matter if you also need to be offended to attack in the game.

The Full Back

Today most teams go into the game with three wide receivers. For this reason, the right-back position has lost its power in the game of American Football. Depending on a team’s modus, it is possible that in some teams it is quite glorified. However, most team managers can do without a right back in the pitch. In other teams the right back is a well-paid person, for instance, the year deal Kyle Juszyk is one of the most valued and best paid in the game. 

The Kicker

It will not kill the team to lack a kicker. It does not hugely affect the way you are going to perform. Some teams train some people for kicking moments. In some teams, they cannot do without. In some, they are less significant, all in all, the position takes a relatively lesser spot in the order of super bowl positions. 


In most of NFL drafts, the centers are pulled out in the first or second rounds. This is hugely dependent on the part of the coach or the strategy of play. However, their place is still clear in the game. For instance, you will need centers as anchors together with blockers in case you need to put a strong defensive line.

Wide receiver

Also known as the angels of the game, the wide receiver is deemed one of the most sought out for in the game of American football. They must be a good runner, a stronger player and talented in precision. They open up the game and in most cases; the game cannot click with a wide receiver.



The game of American Football is a game full of passes. A game without a cornerback means you can be beaten from any ends. With cornerbacks, passes are intercepted.  Good cornerbacks are hugely deviating and can change the tempo of a hugely attacking opposition by changing the direction of a quarterback to reduce conceding. The game today cannot do without a cornerback irrespective of the strategy; you do not want to lose a game a few seconds away.

The Pass Rusher

Today’s game is about having your quarterbacks giving the opposition a hard time. You need someone that can motivate speed from an offender and reduce the sharpness of an attack. The pass rusher does this to the opposition’s quarterback who will be in a hurry to offend only to be brought down.


This is the most revered position in the game today. With a good quarterback and everyone doing a good job, the game is as good as sold out to you. They are the gem of the game; they can give you the victory.

Other roles take a middle ground in the American Football. With the above, you have a clear picture of the whole set up and what proves to be the least and the most important player position in American Football.

This article was updated on Friday, March 22, 2019