Who Will Be A New Super Bowl Champion?

The SuperBowl is football’s biggest and most prestigious tournament and will not be actively on until February 2019. Everyone who is a football enthusiast will be evaluating the odds and locking in their 2019 Super Bowl picks.

Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots get into the season as the favorite to lift the Lombardi Trophy. Other teams are also closing in to chase after the Trophy. The defending champions Philadelphia Eagles are going off at an impressive 10 – 1.


The NFL is famed for its parity, but it's rare for a team to come from nowhere and win the Super Bowl. To predict who will take it one would have to go all the way back to 1999 to get how surprisingly teams go on to clinch the championship. It is therefore effortless to narrow down to potential Super Bowl winners. Let's look at some teams that could fit into the list.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles is still the quarterback, which is the most critical position in football.  The Jaguars required injury luck and one of the league’s most flexible 2017 schedules to make it to 10 – 6.  Away from the Super Bowl, a shift in success could see the Jackson Ville Jaguars miss out on the playoffs completely – especially if Bortles keeps making not so good throws.

 Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have enormous talent capable of even winning the Super Bowl.  However, Aaron Rogers is less more like to be vulnerable to injuries as he ages considering he has broken his clavicle twice. The pass rush is still problematic, and the cornerback group is full of rookies and second-year pros. 

For the Green Bay Packers to emerge victoriously, they have to pass and equally defend the pass. If at all  Rodgers will get hurt, the pass rush exceeds expectations, but the young corner fails to deliver, Green Bay is likely not to perform well.

New Orlean Saints

One should be optimistic about the Saints Team. A little regression started occurring towards the end of the season when the running game that they relied upon so heavily during its eight-game win streak didn't pick up. We also have to factor in Drew Bree's age. He is one of the swiftest quarterbacks. In the league. Drew Bree's has shown signs of decline like the lack of the downfield throws. When It comes to the pass rush, we have Cameron Jordan. The team decided to switch for Marcus Davenport who is a raw pusher, instead of adding more talent to their defense. However, without severe in-house improvements, the time is less likely to get better with the season.




New England Patriots

Bill Belichick is still the best coach in football. Do we need to get around that? Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Julian, Brandon, and Danny Amendola are still playing fantasy football. The defense has been outstanding. Danny Shelton is battling it out in the middle, and Donta Hightower is just getting back from injury. Belichick will know how to capitalize on strengthening the cornerback group.

The Patriots will take all their 13 games, secure the advantage of home – field and the rest will flow.


Philadelphia Eagles

You can’t leave out the defending Champions. The team biggest strength has to be its defense. The rotation has Haloti Ngata, Michael Bennett, Fletcher Cox, and Brandon Graham. Right behind them is Jordan Hicks, the linebacker. The team keeps getting better. Carson Wentz's full potential will add more competitive advantage to the team.  Mike Wallace, Torrey SMITH, and Alshon are spicing up the team’s efforts. If the team is capable, they can take this one home, again.


To sum it all up, there are likely to be suprises, but there are pretty much great predictions for teams which could walk away with the trophy in 2019 like the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings.

This article was updated on Friday, March 22, 2019